Frekles are fresh.

I hate commercials that promote you to hide your frekles. Frekles will take over the world. Trust me. Frekles are hot fresh and fuckable. DONT HIDE YOUR FREKLES!!!!!

"I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me."

Interests: Quidditch, the Dark Arts, himself.


I'm BLEEDING you KanyeWest

(Okay so what if I'm drunk that's the fcking time when the truth unveil)
don't look down - spread your wings, fly like an eagle

i'm the maniac. i'm the ghoul!

honung & chocklad

K dubble V  - how strange this may sound, You are MY Best Fucking Friend Forever and Ever, truly sence my inner deep. And also you have the ability to take this inner feeling to a commercial level so even the "unconsciounse" peeps feeling you- YOU WAKE THEM UP and you SOOTHE us already awake's SOUL. THANK YOU! I OWE TO YOU MY FKING LIFE
(I'm having trouble describing how I really feel since my feelings are to large for my own sence - you feel me?!)

the essence

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